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We’re on a mission to help New Zealand recover and thrive, and we’d love your help.

Right now loads of us are looking for simple ways to support New Zealand businesses. We realised there was a super simple opportunity sitting right under our fingertips, ‘a search engine’. What many of us don’t realise is that big international companies pay big money to prioritise their search results, meaning they rise to the top of the search. We know people are most likely to click on the first few results that come back from a search. Nothing wrong with that, except when those results are bought by big international companies who offer very little back to our local economy. Some of them even adopt a on the end of their site to make them look like they are from here, even when they’re not.

We thought we’d try and make it easier for our homegrown businesses, and businesses, who may not be from here, but who employ heaps of us, to rise to the top.

Who knew the simple act of choosing a New Zealand grown search engine could help change the fortunes of our nation.

And while we may not have everything perfect just yet, with your help we’ll get there.

Please let us know what we can do to make our New Zealand search engine the best little search engine in the world, and together we will make it better

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Thank you so much for your feedback about how we can make the best little search engine in the world (or at least New Zealand).

Please share with all your friends and Whanau far and wide.

We can't do it without you, so come on New Zealand, let's search local.

BTW - we don't track your search as we have a strong belief in privacy and that no one has the right to your data except YOU!