small + beautiful

manuka honey

Manuka honey that comes in small and affordable jars, letting you try before you buy larger and more expensive Manuka Honey’s.


Manuka honey that is small on your wallet and beautiful in its taste - honest Manuka honey...




100% natural Manuka Honey from the regions of New Zealand 

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Our Manuka Honey is raw and never pasteurized or fine filtered. Our Manuka honey is natural and Non-GMO, it’s always traceable from hive to home and fully certified. Enjoy one or two of our little 3.88 ounce, 110 gram BPA free, non-leaching PET jar filled with delicious MGO 100 to MGO 160 Manuka honey.

Export Box = 40 x Northland - MGO 100 (6+), 110g multiflora Manuka Honeys'

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