Taupo - MGO 160 (7+), 110g multiflora Manuka Honey

Taupo - MGO 160 (7+), 110g multiflora Manuka Honey

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A small + beautiful multifloral Manuka honey from the Taupo region with a MGO of 160. 


The Taupo region is at the heart of Aotearoa New Zealand’s beautiful North Island.

At the centre of the region is sparkling Lake Taupo, the great inland sea of New Zealand. As you travel around the lake, you will find every landscape you can imagine. Snow-blanketed winter ski fields and alpine deserts. Ancient forests alive with birdsong. Trout-filled rivers and the thundering Huka Falls. Steaming geothermal valleys with rejuvenating hot springs. Three towering volcanoes in the awesome and otherworldly landscape of Tongariro National Park - and it's the home of our small + beautiful Taupo Manuka Honey. 

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