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our story begins

in 2015


for all the honey lovers

As passionate honey enthusiasts, we didn't want to eat New Zealand Honey that was homogenised, heated or filtered to an inch of its life, so we decided to make the highest quality New Zealand honey at the best price ourselves.

We ordered our first drum of honey and made our first test batches in our good friend's café kitchen (got to always be food safe). This resulted in our most cherished principle: to create a better honey - natural, with no shortcuts.

We want to make honey so that we can be proud - the way nature intended it. The kind of real deal stuff with regional flavour and texture you can recognise even with your eyes closed. 

We’re building a honey world where the product information labels is short, ingredients are genuine and processing is kept to an absolute minimum.

When you love what you do, you achieve the very best results.


(chris, indy, olly and louis)

and we love honey

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